Chiel Boonstra

The career of Chiel Boonstra combines architecture and energy in an innovative way.
He obtained his degree in Architecture at Delft University and his career developed into becoming an expert in the field of low energy building and the application of passive solar techniques. He worked on a variety of innovative projects in the field of city planning, new buildings and renovation projects in The Netherlands and United Kingdom.
Chiel Boonstra has given an impressive amount of lectures and presentations on national and international forums and is the author of 3 books in the field of solar and sustainable building.

He runs his own company called Trecodome, providing advice to design teams for low energy projects in housing, renovation and school buildings, and expert partner in European Commission supported research and implementation projects. He is technical coordinator of Treco, a European network of social housing organisations in Europe, who exchange experiences in low energy building in practice.
He is Secretary General of the International Solar Cities Initiative, an independent international body aiming to build a bridge between research and cities to achieve sustainable green house gas emissions in cities throughout the world.